Sunday, June 24, 2012


Life is a journey

Which may be short or even longer

Which may be bitter or even sweeter

Some may experience joy and happiness

While other only feel sadness and sorrow

Every each of us have diferrent and unique story

Of how our life carried on by time

The truth is

No matter how long or how short our life

The journey is what really matters most

How good did we manage ourself everyday

How many good deed did we done so far

How less sin we ever mistaken

How many love did we share to other

How many sacrifice we put to the world

How effective things that we worked before

How great people are affected by presence of ourself

Life is something that provided to everyone

But it will never stay and wait for us

No one will ever know when the life end

By time passing by

Everyone's life becoming shorter and shorter

And the death is something destined to all of us

So from now on

Appreciate every second you have in your life

Never leave the thought that we will die someday

Do as many good deeds as possible

Share your love to many as possible

And hope for the happy ending in our life


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Ismi Ijmi said...


arissa rania said...

nice entry..semoga Allah swt berkati perjuangan dakwah anda ini:)

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