Wednesday, March 23, 2011

For You.,

I know it is hard,
It is painful,
Full of sorrow,
When you know that,
Now your loved one,
Had gone before you.

You can feel,
How empty your life now,
How miserable your life can be,
How sad and tough life you need to face forward.

Up there,
In Lauh Mahfuz,
All of our life,
Had been decided from the very beginning,
On every aspect,
Either in the past, present, or in the future.

I just hope,
By being there with you,
Facing those hard times,
Losing the loved ones,
Hopefully it will help you to ease a bit.

One thing for sure,
Allah will never burdens a soul beyond its means,
Hope you will be stronger, and stronger,
Everything gonna be alright,

"You shall not waver, nor shall you grieve, for you are the ultimate victors, if you are believers"
(Sura Ali-Imran : Chapter 3 : Verse 139)


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